Artist Services

Need help with your art business?

What Art School Didn’t Teach You assists hobbyists, art students, emerging artists, and mid-career on tackling your creative and business goals. Consultation are perfect for:

  • Emerging artists looking to establish their career and find their voice and style
  • Creatives coming back to their art after years of creative hiatus
  • Mid-career artist who needs help with some business skill building

Consultations are designed with your needs and your creative style in mind. We are here to assist, coach, talk, and mentor you along the way towards your own success.

Where are Consultations Held?

Consultation sessions are held digitally over Skype or Google Hangouts. There are options for consultations by phone as well.

What Can I Work on Through a Consultation Session?

  • Creative business management
  • Social networking
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Product development & merchandising
  • Creating your artist website
  • Artist statement and resume review
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Creative project launch
  • Starting a new business

What Can I Expect?

  • Personal one-on-one arts business training and strategies
  • Active learning and skill-building set at your pace
  • Self-directed curriculum, you decide consultation topic and direction
  • A new sense of possibility, increased productivity, and supported creativity
  • Affordable coaching aimed at emerging and mid-career artists on a budget
  • Accountability, follow-up, and feedback aimed at helping you succeed

Consulting is Not…

  • Therapy of any sort
  • Art therapy
  • Counseling

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