What is a Consultation?

What Art School Didn’t Teach You assists creative business owners with tackling a project or goal in mind. Consultations are designed with your needs, pace, and creative style in mind.

Need help with your creative business?

What Art School Didn’t Teach You assists hobbyists, art students, emerging artists, and mid-career on tackling your creative and business goals. Consultation are perfect for:

  • Emerging artists looking to establish their career and find their voice and style
  • Creatives coming back to their art after years of creative hiatus
  • Mid-career artist who needs help with some business skill building
  • Creative business owners who need some strategy & guidance (creatives, makers, crafters)

Consultations are designed with your needs and your creative style in mind. We are here to assist, coach, talk, and mentor you along the way towards your own success.

Where are Consultations Held?

Consultation sessions are held digitally Google Hangouts. There are options for consultations by phone as well.

What Can I Work on Through a Consultation Session?

  • Creative business management
  • Social networking
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Product development & merchandising
  • Creating your artist website
  • Artist statement and resume review
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Creative project launch
  • Starting a new business

What Can I Expect?

  • Personal one-on-one arts business training and strategies
  • Active learning and skill-building set at your pace
  • Self-directed curriculum, you decide on consultation topic and direction
  • A new sense of possibility increased productivity and supported creativity
  • Affordable coaching aimed at emerging and mid-career artists on a budget
  • Accountability, follow-up, and feedback aimed at helping you succeed

How do I prepare for a Consultation?

The best consultations will have clients come to the table with pre-determined questions or a project that they need assistance with.

Consulting is Not…

  • Therapy of any sort
  • Art therapy
  • Counseling


What do Past Clients Say?

“Kate Renee is both a talented, innovative artist and a highly effective consultant. In my sessions with her, I appreciated her calm, objective advice in both the creative and business aspects of the art world. She always prioritized my goals and aspirations. This kind of mentoring can be hard to find. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”  

Linda Morganstein, Author


 “Knowing that I had a session scheduled with Kate Renee was great motivation. It held me accountable to follow-through on goals I had set for my art business.”

-Anonymous Client


“Whether teaching a workshop, presenting as part of a panel, or consulting with you one-on-one, Kate can help you navigate the waters of organizing, presenting, and selling your art.  As a recognized professional artist herself, Kate understands artists’ need to balance their time and energy so that they have time to create while also finding support and recognition of their work via grants, residencies, exhibits, marketing and sales, etc.   She makes learning the business aspects of art both affordable and accessible.   She encourages the artist to set their own goals and pace.  Her style is relaxed and professional and she creates a comfortable space for learning as she takes you step-by-step with new information.   

Creating new work in my studio is a very rewarding aspect of being an artist.  But I came to realize that I wanted others to see and hear what I had to say, and for that, I had to put my work out there.  Kate helped me open an Instagram account and an artist Facebook page, and she built my confidence in working with social media.   The responses are rewarding and the learning is fun.   There is always more to learn, so I will definitely go back to her!” 

-Rita Kirsch Dungey, Artist


“She gently but confidently told my broken creative heart to beat again.       

Whether it was navigating revealing shocking artwork or dealing with relationships and the Creative Process, Kate Renee lives her trade.  She has helped me move past tough creative blocks, plan presentations (and was available for consultation session at the last minute!), and just make art.

She knows when to lead, and when to follow my creative path in the session.  She is supportive with materials, has a studio rich with productive and clearing energy that inspires me to vision, and act on that Vision.

In our sessions, I bring myself and any music, art, book relevant to my current process and we dive in.  Through open dialogue, moving to large scale drawing with chalk pastels or pen on paper while listening to music, the session’s Muse is unearthed.

Sessions with Kate Renee are only limited by one’s imagination.  Her studio is a sacred space, where I have had the safety to do speak things into existence, especially if it starts with a whisper.”

-Kirsten Sorensen, MT-BC, Board-Certified Music Therapist


“Kate is the best! I am an artist and independent contractor in multiple creative roles and had a limited understanding of certain tools I could use to improve my businesses. Kate’s guidance and knowledge, both general and specific, gave me the direction, resources and confidence I needed to move forward. She is a great guide, instructor and resource! I now have effective tools in place to help grow my business. Thank you, Kate!”

~Cara Tollefson, Artist, Goddess Workshop Facilitator, Makeup Artist, Ceremony Celebrant


“As a member of Gamut Gallery, I get a glimpse into the organization and acumen of the artists we work with. As the only artist in our gallery’s history to be featured in a solo exhibition more than once, I got a better look at Kate than most other artists, and what I saw impressed me tremendously. I found out about Kate’s consultation service when I inquired about grant applications on social media and Kate responded that she could help.

I didn’t take her up on it, and I was unsuccessful in my application. Several months later, looking to sharpen my presentation in an attempt to take my artistic career to the next level, I hired Kate to look over my website, resume, social media accounts and more, as well as offer some grant application advice. 

I left our consultation feeling very good and excited for the future. I began implementing some changes Kate recommended immediately when I got home. Within the next week, I applied for an extremely competitive job opening much more confidently thanks to a totally re-done resume using Kate’s suggestions. I immediately noticed an impact from her Instagram tips. 

I am very happy with Kate’s consultation service and I’m guessing I will be hiring her again sometime down the road!”

-Bobby Kahn, Gamut Gallery Member, Chosen By the Funk & Multidisciplinary Artist


“Artist Kate Renee’s presentation, “Selling Art on Etsy”, was incredibly thorough, interesting, and informative with great insight from an experienced Etsy artist. The artists especially enjoyed her real-time demonstration of adding an actual product to her Etsy page. Kate’s presentation was organized and flowed well while also being flexible enough to dialogue directly with the audience in a very approachable and collegial manner.” 

-Rachel Daly, Director of Visual Arts, Bloomington Theatre and Art Center