The Key to Doubling your Business

For those of you who have already given up on your resolution, I have a small business habit that will help bring about success this year. I’ve nearly doubled my business compared to last year at this time because of this new habit. My success is because I know what’s going on in my business! Read more about The Key to Doubling your Business[…]

9 Time Tracking Techniques to Master your Goals

First things first, if you want to reach your goals you will need to find ways to master your time. This week’s blog post outlines ways to better track and utilize your time.  Goal Setting: Spend time setting goals and figuring out what you really want to accomplish. Having very specific goals and focused projects will Read more about 9 Time Tracking Techniques to Master your Goals[…]

Preparing for the Worst: Art Emergencies

A couple years ago, I got a scary email that had informed me that there was a fire in my studio building. Luckily, it was contained but was large enough that it had managed to set off the sprinkler systems. This fire happened down the hallway from my studio and I received no damage. This experience Read more about Preparing for the Worst: Art Emergencies[…]

Collecting Art Data: You Don’t Need to Be A Mathematician

There is power in numbers! Monitoring and tracking data is key because there are a number of ways you can utilize it to drive a successful creative business. Where is creative data is applicable? Grant proposals are a great area to utilize your analytic data. Proposals are stronger when there is data that you have researched Read more about Collecting Art Data: You Don’t Need to Be A Mathematician[…]

Christmas in July: Preparing for Holiday Art Sales

Believe it or not, its time to start planning holiday art fairs, marketplaces, and  pop-up shops. Even if calls-for-art haven’t quite posted yet, these opportunities will be happening soon. Preparing now will help increase your likelihood of participating in these events by being prepared. While pop up events and art fairs happen all year round, gift Read more about Christmas in July: Preparing for Holiday Art Sales[…]

Creative Consultations for Artists

Work one-on-one with Kate Renee on various creative business aspects of your artistic career. From talking about writing a proposal for the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant to assisting you with creating an Artist Facebook Page, Kate can provide you with a variety of helpful tips and resources. Please email her with your Read more about Creative Consultations for Artists[…]

Free Helpful Resources for LLC Business Owners

Have you started your own LLC and you are trying to navigate the business world on your own? Minnesota provides free resources and help to small businesses. Helpful Resource #1: Free Guide to Starting a Small Business in Minnesota Handbook When you head on over to Positively Minnesota there is a bunch of free resources available to Read more about Free Helpful Resources for LLC Business Owners[…]

Free and Almost Free Workshops for Artists

Business resources and assistance are crucial to launching a new business. But these resources can be costly and add up quickly. Below are a few places other artists can take free or almost free workshops and classes around the Twin Cities community. Metropolitan Regional Arts Center The Metropolitan Regional Arts Center (MRAC) is one of Read more about Free and Almost Free Workshops for Artists[…]

10 Lessons in Shipping Art

Shipping your pieces of art is in fact an art itself. After two major shipping disasters I have learned a few good lessons on how not to ship your art. Horror Story No. 1 In late 2009, I was accepted into a show in Virginia that showcased young emerging artists. I had 4 pieces accepted into the Read more about 10 Lessons in Shipping Art[…]