The Double Costs of Studio Rental

Having a separate studio is oftentimes the dream of an artist, but renting can be costly, and it’s not just rent that adds up. This weeks blog post highlights the double costs associated with having a studio or rented creative space, meaning the things that you often pay for twice when balancing the costs of Read more about The Double Costs of Studio Rental[…]

Why Art Professors Always get Grants: 6 Myths of Art Funding

The fact that you’re reading this week’s post is probably because you have had a few missed opportunities and feel a bit stuck on grant writing and other creative opportunities.  While it may feel like established artists and professors always  are receiving awards and grants, that’s not the case. This week’s post talks about the Read more about Why Art Professors Always get Grants: 6 Myths of Art Funding[…]

Payment in Exposure

As a creative you have probably have been lured by opportunities of free exposure, networking, or some other intangible benefit. This is called “payment in exposure” or PIE and this runs rampant in the creative realm. Artists are constantly asked to work for free. This blog posts talks about PIE and the detrimental effects of working for Read more about Payment in Exposure[…]

The Business of Selling Art

This is a long post but packed with so much key information, every point can be its own blog post. But this post here offers a general overview on the business of selling your art. There are many venues to sell art work, the gallery is just one space. Also consider including art fairs, marketplaces and Read more about The Business of Selling Art[…]

Creative Cash: 4 Art Things You Should Pay For

Artists are always very creative, this includes how money is spent. All expenses can add up quickly, especially the tools and supplies needed to make the work we love. While our creative brains are good at problem solving and finding the most budget friendly way to achieve out goal, here are four key business expenses that Read more about Creative Cash: 4 Art Things You Should Pay For[…]

E-Commerce for Artists

E-Commerce (electronic commerce) is commercial transactions using credit cards over the internet and is an important aspect of managing the finance of your art business. With the US representing half of the world’s fraudulent credit card transactions, its important to get familiar with how to best protect yourself. Days of mailing and cashing checks are Read more about E-Commerce for Artists[…]

Grant Barriers: How to Tackle Your Creative Hurdles in Writing

A creative colleague of mine recently emailed me and asked for some advice about the “barriers” section of grants. The barriers section is the part of the grant where you describe what you are struggling with that the grant will help you with. I did my best to answer her question and thought I would Read more about Grant Barriers: How to Tackle Your Creative Hurdles in Writing[…]

24 Grant Writing Tips Part 2

13. Attend the Info Session If the grant is offering an info session, attend it. I can guarantee you will learn something even if you have applied to the grant before. Things always change in applications. 14. Complete Your Grant Before the Deadline I once was panicking because I couldn’t get the DOC format of my Read more about 24 Grant Writing Tips Part 2[…]

24 Grant Writing Tips Part 1

Based on my experience writing multiple personal project grants, receiving a MN State Arts Board Grant, writing grants for organizations and assisting on a grant review panel, I’ve come across themes and tips to help artists with writing their own grants.  Please, Stop with the Jargon! Even though I went to art school, sometimes I Read more about 24 Grant Writing Tips Part 1[…]