Marketing Challenges with Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops or marketplaces are those one time mini-art fairs or art markets you find in untraditional spaces. They have been the latest retail craze for the past few years and are all over the place around the fall and holiday time. But, there are some major issues with pop up shops which can be Read more about Marketing Challenges with Pop-Up Shops[…]

When to Remove People from your Mailing List

Even though the goal of having a mailing list is to get people to join your list, at some point you will need to clean up your mailing list and get it back into shape. This week’s blog post outlines when you should remove people from your mailing list and deleting contacts that no longer Read more about When to Remove People from your Mailing List[…]

How to Market in the Digital Age

If you are debating whether or not your should pay to boost a social media campaign, or if another email blast will help your marketing strategy then this post is for you. Marketing in 2018 is anything but re-ordering business cards and sharing a post from Instagram to Facebook. Its about creating value, building social Read more about How to Market in the Digital Age[…]

Mailing List 101: Where to Start

Mailing lists are a key element to art marketing. It takes years and persistence to collect contact information, emails and potential collectors but the work is worth it. 1. Pick the type of list you want There are two types of mailing lists you can manage: a digital email list and an address based list. You can Read more about Mailing List 101: Where to Start[…]

Developing your Artist Brand Perception & Strategy

For the not so savvy social marketer or the less business inclined artist, strategizing your brand may be a new concept as its not a skill that is taught or really discussed. Being aware of basic brand developing strategies others use can help us as we develop our own. These are the lessons in brand Read more about Developing your Artist Brand Perception & Strategy[…]

Curating Your Artistic Life

You don’t need a marketing degree to own and develop your own brand.  You also don’t need to put everything out there for your audience to see. Your artwork, your products, your digital footprint, your studio space, and your personality all contribute to developing your brand and your professionalism. This blog posts outlines 4 places to Read more about Curating Your Artistic Life[…]

Targeting Your Audience: Beginning to Build an Audience and Starting a Mailing List

Figuring out your audience is an essential part of your creative work. Who likes your art is a great indicator of who is willing to buy your work. While this may not seem as fun as a nice afternoon making art, spending time to define your audience is important. I have laid out a few Read more about Targeting Your Audience: Beginning to Build an Audience and Starting a Mailing List[…]