Stones and Crystals for Creativity

Want to get in touch with your woo-woo and metaphysical side? Love the beauty of rocks and gems? This non-traditional creativity themed blog post is talking rocks and gems. While none of this is proven,  why not pop a small citrine in the studio and see what happens. These crystals are all said to help Read more about Stones and Crystals for Creativity[…]

Hazards of Your Art Materials

Art materials can be hazardous to our health. It is important for artists to educate themselves on the hazards of the tools and materials they use in their creative practice. While this post will focus mainly on the toxicity and hazardous content that makes up our creative materials, be aware that the creation of our Read more about Hazards of Your Art Materials[…]

The Spiritual Artist: 9 Items to Tap into Your Inner Guru

  Sometimes a little bit of creative self care includes some spirituality and a connection back to yourself. This blog post outlines 9 items, resources, and experiences that you help you tap into your inner guru and find some creative balance in your life. None of these products are sponsored or paid endorsements. This blog Read more about The Spiritual Artist: 9 Items to Tap into Your Inner Guru[…]

How Creative Rest Impacts Your Artistic Success

If you have recently pushed through a project or commission, achieved a big goal, or just had a large exhibition, you can end feeling great about your achievement but feel creatively burnt out. The best thing for you is some creative rest, literally and figuratively. Taking time to take a break or rest in between Read more about How Creative Rest Impacts Your Artistic Success[…]

The Dark Side: 7 Ways to Tame Your Inner Critic

There are two forms of criticism. One type of criticism is received from teachers, friends, artists and press, outer resources. The other is our own criticism; personal inner criticism. Both forms of criticism can help us to push forward and grow our art. But the flip side to positive feedback aimed at growth is negative Read more about The Dark Side: 7 Ways to Tame Your Inner Critic[…]

Care for Creatives: Managing Your Wellness

When you flip through an arts career book, you won’t find a section about artist self-care. Self-care is generally not associated with the technical or business skills of being an artist, but managing your health and wellness is essential to your longevity, creativity and overall success. While the self-care industry includes a laundry list of ways to Read more about Care for Creatives: Managing Your Wellness[…]