June 11, 2017

Free Resources & Guides

Click here for the 6 Blocks

Need help busting through some creative blocks? Click below on the image to receive 6 common artist blocks and the ways to move past them. You will need to enter your email and once you confirm, I’ll send you the 6 steps in your inbox. Happy block busting!


Click here for the Packing List: Day Show List PDF

Here is a packing list for pop-up events, art fairs and exhibiting in alternative spaces like coffee shops. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it will give you a great idea of what you need to pull together for a short term exhibit. It also gives you some extra blank spaces to add a few of your necessities you don’t want to forget when its time to get read to hit the road for an art show.


Free weekly art meeting checklist for artists to get organized with their goals and financials. This checklist and small business meeting is designed to take about one hour each week. Print this meeting sheet off and use to stay organized.