Curating Your Artistic Life

You don’t need a marketing degree to own and develop your own brand.  You also don’t need to put everything out there for your audience to see. Your artwork, your products, your digital footprint, your studio space, and your personality all contribute to developing your brand and your professionalism. This blog posts outlines 4 places to Read more about Curating Your Artistic Life[…]

Social Networking: Instagram & Artists

The question I have been getting from artists, specifically the creative baby boomer generation is why do I need Instagram? Its easy for the young emerging creative to understand the benefits of Instagram, so this blog post is not directed for you millennials! This post outlines the benefits of using a visual based social media Read more about Social Networking: Instagram & Artists[…]

E-Commerce for Artists

E-Commerce (electronic commerce) is commercial transactions using credit cards over the internet and is an important aspect of managing the finance of your art business. With the US representing half of the world’s fraudulent credit card transactions, its important to get familiar with how to best protect yourself. Days of mailing and cashing checks are Read more about E-Commerce for Artists[…]

Gifts for Artists: Holiday Gift Buys for the Creative in Your Life

I’ve been looking through gift guides for creatives and finding some odd lists from driftwood paintbrush holders and cardboard color wheels, to waterproof paper so you can write down your great ideas in the shower. And as fun and mindful the latest coloring book trend may seem, your creative artist would rather work on their own art then sit and color.

Here is a gift guide I created to help generate ideas to buy for your artist family member or friend if you have already bought them a new sketchbook or a gift card to the local art store for the past few years. This list is to help your artists fill the well, rejuvenate the creative juices and to bring a bit of indulgence. This list also has a local Twin Cities twist for those in the Minnesota Metro area and some cheaper options for a similar gift. This gift list ranges from free to about $100.