7 Legal Details of Commission Agreements

Working with galleries often means signing contracts. This is important because contracts outline the liability, authority, and responsibilities of each party. While most galleries will have their own contacts (usually consignment agreements) when working with artists, you can’t assume that: all contracts are the same that they are written protect the artist that they have all Read more about 7 Legal Details of Commission Agreements[…]

2 Simple Skills Needed to Master Your Creative Success

There are two really important and really simple interpersonal skills artists and creatives need  for creating success for your art business. While most days, we would like to think that we can hide out in our studios and be creative all day, the ability to build relationships and maintain communication are skills needed in today’s Read more about 2 Simple Skills Needed to Master Your Creative Success[…]

Vanity Galleries: What Are They?

  I was recently approached by a gallery in New York and became very excited. Exhibiting in New York, this is it, it my big break! ….But then I thought, this seemed too good to be true, After my initial excitement wore off, I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered it was a vanity Read more about Vanity Galleries: What Are They?[…]