Creating Your 2019 Vision Board

A vision board is not just a collage of magazine images, it’s a visual tool to help guide you through the year. It’s about making your goals happen! Intention: The intention behind the board is what does the work. It’s the most important part of the vision board process. It’s also the starting point of Read more about Creating Your 2019 Vision Board[…]

Starting the New Year: Prioritizing Your Projects

So much to do and so little time! This week’s blog post outlines ways to tackle your goals for 2019. Try these tactics out to keep your goals in sight and your priorities straight.  Start with a System: Create a system that is helpful but don’t spend too much time creating or maintaining the system Read more about Starting the New Year: Prioritizing Your Projects[…]

Top 5: Goals for Mid-Career Artists

This week’s article examines what career milestones and goals mid-career artists should be aiming towards. This post is a good reference when setting goals to move your career from emerging to established. This blog post is in response to a previous post that outlined the top 5 goals for emerging artists. You can read that Read more about Top 5: Goals for Mid-Career Artists[…]

Creative Consultations for Artists

Work one-on-one with Kate Renee on various creative business aspects of your artistic career. From talking about writing a proposal for the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant to assisting you with creating an Artist Facebook Page, Kate can provide you with a variety of helpful tips and resources. Please email her with your Read more about Creative Consultations for Artists[…]