Why You Can’t Rely on Your Social Media

Let’s be real, you can’t rely on social media: algorithms change, advertising is a pay to play game, and online marketing is a constant changing environment. By the time you figure out a strategy to gain fans and followers it seems like something has changed. While social media has to be apart of every business’s Read more about Why You Can’t Rely on Your Social Media[…]

Marketing Challenges with Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops or marketplaces are those one time mini-art fairs or art markets you find in untraditional spaces. They have been the latest retail craze for the past few years and are all over the place around the fall and holiday time. But, there are some major issues with pop up shops which can be Read more about Marketing Challenges with Pop-Up Shops[…]

Social Media Updates, Hacks, & Changes You Don’t Want to Miss

Many social networks have had updates and changes this week. Here’s the information you need to know which can impact your creative business. Google + is being shut down due to a security bug…and also because of the fact that nobody uses Google+. It was supposed to be the rival social network to Facebook but Read more about Social Media Updates, Hacks, & Changes You Don’t Want to Miss[…]

New Social Economy: Q&A About Building Your Social Capital

Social capital is the new digital “currency.” Its what you are trying to gain when you are posing, sharing, commenting, and working your online social networking accounts. Accounts with higher amounts of followers will naturally have more social capital than accounts with lower followers. But social capital is not just about the number of followers….this week’s Read more about New Social Economy: Q&A About Building Your Social Capital[…]

How to Market in the Digital Age

If you are debating whether or not your should pay to boost a social media campaign, or if another email blast will help your marketing strategy then this post is for you. Marketing in 2018 is anything but re-ordering business cards and sharing a post from Instagram to Facebook. Its about creating value, building social Read more about How to Market in the Digital Age[…]

Payment in Exposure

As a creative you have probably have been lured by opportunities of free exposure, networking, or some other intangible benefit. This is called “payment in exposure” or PIE and this runs rampant in the creative realm. Artists are constantly asked to work for free. This blog posts talks about PIE and the detrimental effects of working for Read more about Payment in Exposure[…]

Mailing List 101: Where to Start

Mailing lists are a key element to art marketing. It takes years and persistence to collect contact information, emails and potential collectors but the work is worth it. 1. Pick the type of list you want There are two types of mailing lists you can manage: a digital email list and an address based list. You can Read more about Mailing List 101: Where to Start[…]

The Not-So-Fabulous Life of Blogging

Blogging is a great way to creatively market your art. However, there are a few misconceptions about the blog life that run rampant on the internet. Common blogging myths derail most bloggers early in the creation of their blogs and cause some good content to fizzle out. In hopes of better preparing you for success when Read more about The Not-So-Fabulous Life of Blogging[…]