Studio Safety and Security

Open buildings are a security risk. Many art buildings have open access with limited security or surveillance. While this is great for getting the pubic in on First Thursdays or other open studio events, it also leaves the door open for some sketchy folks to poke around in your business. As you settle into your Read more about Studio Safety and Security[…]

Studio Security: How Safe is Your Space

Receiving that email in your inbox from the property management company that a suspicious man was found lurking through your building trying to find unlocked doors raises many concerns. This email showed up in my inbox which ironically paired with some experiences I had traveling to some unsecured local art buildings in my community that had Read more about Studio Security: How Safe is Your Space[…]

Finding & Leasing A Studio

Finding a Space Its easy to find studios that are over-priced in the arts districts of Minneapolis and St Paul. These studios will be high rents with small spaces. Taking the time to find the right space for you rather than choosing a space because its an “artist building” will save you money. There are Read more about Finding & Leasing A Studio[…]