Summer 2018 Workshops

Creative Career Planning
Need help setting some goals and finding direction in your artistic career? This course will help you analyze your creative path and create a plan for the future. Through a variety of creative and strategic goal setting activities, this class leave you with a plan for your career, some strategies to use when you get blocked, and additional resources.
June 27th 2018, Artistry MN, Bloomington, Minnesota, 6:00-8:00 PM
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The Business of Selling Art
From the art of approaching customers to the science of merchandising your studio, there are many aspects to selling art. From knowing the form of E-commerce that works best for you to how to manage your product inventories, there are so many elements to managing the retail side of being an artist. Kate Renee is a practicing professional artist who has worked in retail for 12 years and specialized in visual merchandising. Learn from her retail and creative background how to best work your studio visits, art fairs and gallery openings to make the sale.
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Instagram for Artists
(All levels of experience) With over 400 million monthly users, Instagram is the best social media platform for artists by providing a visual platform to promote your work. This class is great for the artist who is familiar with Instagram but wants to learn how to tailor it to promote their art. You will learn what photos work best for posting, hashtags to utilize and how to create my stories. Basic knowledge of Instagram is helpful, but a variety of beginner tips and advanced information will be covered in the class.
August 23rd 2018, Artistry MN, Bloomington, Minnesota, 6:00-8:00 PM
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